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6-Month Clean Restore Maintain

For Payment Plan option, click HERE. This is a program for motivated women who are ready to restore their health, energy and hormonal balance.  Each month we focus on taking steps that are specific to your individual needs that work for your lifestyle so that you can heal your gut/digestion, get your hormones in balance and get rid of symptoms by dealing with the root cause of the problem - no band aids here!   Each month you receive: 1:1 coaching call & personalized protocol Meal Plans to help you have easy to make, delicious & nutrient dense meals & snacks at your fingertips - including grocery lists & prep plans 2 Zoom Q&A Calls Weekly modules to help you understand the science behind what we are doing so that you can have a deeper understanding and continue to commit to your health goals   Month 1: Clean This month focuses on discovering your current health status and learning more about what potential root causes you may have in your health history.  We dive deep into your nutrient status and look at your lifestyle habits to come up with a plan that meets your needs and fits in with your lifestyle   Month 2: Eliminate This is the only month that will require removing certain foods from your diet - but fear not!  I will be there with 4 weeks of yummy & EASY meal plans with complete grocery lists & prep plans.  I am also available to you to help guide & troubleshoot both live and in the modules you will receive this month. This month allows your digestive system to rest, heal and begin to work optimally   By the end of this month you should begin to feel more energetic and see some symptoms begin to clear up including PMS and other hormone related symptoms     Month 3: Reintroductions We methodically & mindfully begin to reintroduce the foods we removed last month to help determine if you have any sensitivities and give us an idea of your gut health status Discussion around lifestyle, mindset & how to best incorporate new habits without feeling overwhelmed   Month 4: Gut Healing Super charge your healing, this month is all about repairing any damage and ensuring that your gut is functioning optimally and that any and all inflammation is being dealt with using foods and select supplementation   By the end of this month you will be having daily bowel movements, see some weight loss and continue to see improvements in energy, mood and hormone balancing     Month 5: Liver Health Now that your gut is running at peak levels, we are going to work to ensure that your liver is taking full advantage of the healing work going on. We discuss detoxification and all its pathways so that you can get even more energy back, clear your skin, balance your hormones and leave majority of your symptoms behind!   By the end of this month you will see some major shifts in your body including big energy boosts, glowing skin, better immune response, and no more PMS!     Month 6: Maintenance This month is all about ensuring you have the tools to continue your health journey and keep building healthy habits. We discuss the changes you have made, the improvements you have seen, celebrate your wins and talk about next steps if you would like to continue to work with me on a quarterly basis for upkeep.

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