Diet Culture vs. The Elimination Diet

Jul 12, 2021

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Diet Culture is a pretty heavy topic as it is very multi-faceted, but I think we can all agree that it is the worst.  Like ever.

I often get approached by women who are concerned about weight loss, whether it is in preparation for conception, during postpartum or anytime before or after that simply because women can be uncomfortable in their own skin because society says we should look a certain way.

I am pro body love and loving the skin you’re in and so weight loss is never the priority in the work I do with clients.  It may be one of their top health goals for various reasons, but I feel that focusing on weight as an indicator of health is very toxic and won’t actually help you get where you want to go, which is ultimately a healthier body and lifestyle.

Remember, skinny does not equal healthy and can sometimes be quite the opposite.

What I do is look for the ROOT CAUSE of your health issues based on your health history, your physical health as well as your emotional health and create a plan for you that will help to address the deeper issues and provide relief from symptoms that may have plagued you for years.  

Addressing gut health and inflammation is a large part of this work.

The Elimination Diet is a tool I use with some of my clients to assist with gut healing.  It is a SHORT TERM shift in diet that eliminates specific foods that are notorious for causing inflammation and digestive distress.

The goal is not to never eat those foods again, the goal is to heal your gut so that you can eat the foods without the symptoms.  We work on mindfulness and really tuning into what your body is trying to tell you via symptoms like digestive upset and skin health.

This “diet” is not long term and I am there to help you with TONS of options to ensure you don’t feel deprived of anything.

The result is a healthier gut, less symptoms and, quite frequently, some weight loss.

I want to ensure that you feel empowered in your health and in your own innate beauty and while weight loss can happen, it is never the only goal.  We aim to increase your health and improve your lifestyle so that you can feel amazing, every day.


If you are experiencing chronic issues, whether they are digestive, hormonal or other symptoms such as pain, fatigue or brain fog, then please feel free to send me an email or book a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss your health and get a game plan in place to find the root cause!

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